Saturday, August 18, 2007

Siong Leng stages Li Ah Sian 李亚仙

On 11 August, 2007, Siong Leng (湘灵) Musical Association made its debut at the Esplanade, fondly known as the Durian by locals (and lewlian kak by the Hokkiens). With two shows on Li Ah Sian 李亚仙 (Li Ya Xian), the cast played to an almost full house. Considering that it is a Hokkien (minnan hua) opera, it was a huge success, with the show attracting people of all ages, and even many foreigners, including students in the local international schools.

A popular Hokkien opera piece known to my mother's generation (she's in her 70s), this is quite new to the younger generations, especially to those who have less exposure to the Hokkien dialect and its culture. Hence, this show by Siong Leng and Esplanade has added another dimension in the local culture scene.

To the talented young cast, well done and we look forward to another show at the Durian, soon. (^^)
Siong Leng is also well known locally for its Nan Yin concerts. You can read and view some of the clips from Chinatownology website.

[Ack: Esplanade and Siong Leng]