Friday, January 06, 2006

Hokkien Opera in Singapore 福建戏曲

Here are some of the troupes that you can still found them performing in Singapore.

The troupes are,

1. 新赛凤 (Xin Sai Feng)
2. 筱麒麟 (Xiao Qi Lin)
3. 筱凤 (Xiao Feng)
4. 南艺 (Nan Yi)
5. 新燕玲 (Xin Yan Ling)
6. 新珠凤 (Xin Zhu Feng)
7. 玉珠凤 (Yu Zhu Feng)
8. 四季春 (Si Ji Chun)
9. 新庆华 (Xin Qing Hua)
10. 王泗妹 (Wang Si Mei)

As for Amatuer troupes,

1. 福建公会芗剧团 (Xiang Ju Opera Troupe)
2. 爱心歌仔戏团 (Ai Xin Ge Zhai Xi ~ Taiwanese Hokkien Opera)
3. 湘灵音乐社 (Xiang Ling Troupe ~ Nan Yin)


Some of the famous Opera Shows,

1. 陈三五娘 (Chen San Wu Niang)
2. 卖杂货 (Mai Za Huo)
3. 粱山伯与祝英台 (Liang Shan Bo Yu Zhu Ying Tai)
4. 李三娘 (Li San Niang)
5. 李门环 (Li Men Huan)
6. 红鬃烈马 (Hong Zong Lie Ma)


Darth Kami said...

interesting blog! i hardly see teens interested in wayang shows! I am a great fan of the troupe 筱麒麟 and I am quite familar with the people in 王泗妹闽剧团. The boss 王泗妹 is my mum's friend and I visit them quite often if they have opera near my area. Hope to see you around! My msn is

A.C. said...

Hey Javie! Remember me? I'm Xuwen from Hokkien Konghuay! =)

Andy said...

Pretty excited that I am not the only youngster that is interested in Opera show. I am a fan of "Wang Si Mei"....

Ron's wayang said...

i loves opera and chinese culture abt temple,i also got act in hokkien add me in

JaVe LitTle BoY said...

hi all n ac..

sori for the late replies, cos quite bz wif work tis few weeks.. :P

reali nice to see some many opera supporters here.. :P



amai said...

Hi...Wow...Hokkien operas!!!
I love chinese operas.
I am amai from Hokkien Konghuay Xiangju Troupe

Miko said...


for your info, there is another troupe at COI leh~ Lead by Hong Xiu Yu. I am one of the members there.~ hee hee... Dun forget us wor!

xia said...

alo i'm Bixia fr ai xin

Loi said...

Hi bro,

May i know where can i learn opera singing and movement?


Lionel said...

Hi owner of this blog...
I'm Lionel, student of Temasek Poly, I am looking for chinese opera troupe for my final year project so can you send me some of the contact or is tell me is there any performing this two month if have can u send me the date and the location thank this is my e-mail: